Fujifilm X-T100 Digital Camera

What is the Fujifilm X-T100? 

Contingent upon what you look like at it, the Fujifilm X-T100 is either the organization’s most progressive camera for fledglings or its most essential premium model. 
It spaces into Fuji’s mirrorless X-Series lineup, between the section level X-A5 and the superb X-T20. Be that as it may, it’s far nearer to the last regarding specs, on account of its electronic viewfinder, unrivaled form and styling and collection of manual controls. 
Like the X-A5 – however dissimilar to all X-T cameras – the X-T100 utilizes a 24-megapixel APS-C-sized Bayer sensor, as opposed to Fuji’s restrictive X-Trans, and offers 4K video at a decreased 15fps. 

Design and highlights 

You’d be hard-pushed to locate an increasingly appealing CSC (Compact System Camera) than the X-T100, especially at this cost point. 
Not at all like the rangefinder-style X-A5, it’s molded like a smaller than usual DSLR, complete with a huge viewfinder crystal in the top-focus. Like the X-T20, it’s perfectly retro without being the too fashionable person – the sort of camera that doesn’t so much request your consideration as delicately touches your eyeballs. 
It’s likewise perfectly constructed. Most of the body is finished dark plastic, however, the top-plate is a tasteful anodized aluminum, accessible in a decision of three hues: Black, Dark Silver, and Champagne Gold. In spite of the fact that not weatherproofed, it feels reassuringly strong in the hand. To be sure, it has somewhat more weight to it than you may expect – 450g body-just, almost certainly on account of such metal. 


What truly stamps out the X-T100 as a greater amount of an X-T20 with a couple of missing highlights, as opposed to an X-A5 with a couple of additional items, is the nearness of an EVF (electronic viewfinder). This totally changes the manner in which you shoot, and is a component anybody genuine about getting into photography will profit by. 
The X-T100’s EVF isn’t the best I’ve utilized – by some separation – however, it’s much superior to nothing, especially when shooting in the splendid daylight the UK has been so strangely getting a charge out of as of late. 
At 0.39in with 0.62x amplification it’s very little, however, at any rate, the 2360k-dab OLED screen inside is sharp and glimmer free. I do figure Fuji ought to have given it a bigger eye-cup, however, since this nearly rimless exertion lets in a great deal of light. 
In the event that you’d preferably utilize the back showcase, you’ll be similarly cheerful. The X-T100 has a phenomenal 3in, 1040k-speck LCD touchscreen, which tilts in three bearings. It doesn’t have full 360-degree development, yet it very well may be flipped out vertically so you can shoot while holding the camera at your midriff. It can likewise be turned 180-degrees evenly for selfies or vlogging. 


As befits its place in the Fujifilm chain of importance, the X-T100’s self-adjust framework is superior to that of the X-A5, without alarming the X-T20 or X-T2 – not to mention the lead X-H1. 
You get 91 center focuses – down from 325 on the more costly cameras – and in spite of the fact that it utilizes a Phase Detection arrangement, it’s neither as quick nor as exact as progressively costly models. 
In great light it performs well, snapping onto static subjects in a moment and by and large picking the correct objective in Area mode. Moving targets are more hit and miss, however it will adapt to youngsters and pets – inasmuch as they’re not speeding around like crazy people. 
This isn’t a camera for geniuses to use at games, at that point, and it doesn’t measure up to any semblance of the Sony A6500, however quick activity isn’t what it’s intended for. This is a camera whose essential use for some, individuals will take pictures of family and companions. All things considered, the way that it has a great Face Detection framework is increasingly significant. 
In diminishing light, it tends to chase a bit, especially when utilizing the pack focal point. While I’m regarding that matter, the focal point is additionally annoyingly uproarious when centering. It’s moderate, as well, inferable from its mechanized zoom, and albeit sharp you’ll need to supplant it with one of Fuji’s brilliant (but expensive) Fujinon XF focal points when you can stand to. 
Burst rates are again only satisfactory: it can shake off shots at up to 6fps in Raw mode, dealing with somewhere in the range of 16 outlines before the support tops off and the camera backs appropriate off. 

Image quality and video 

The X-T100 truly sparkles with regards to stills. Its 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor is super-sharp and uncovers extraordinary detail, possibly beginning to drop when you push past ISO 3200. Simply take a gander at the photograph I took of a modest ocean thing on the shoreline (beneath): this was shot handheld with the pack focal point, but then you can make out the animal’s beady eyes and each grain of sand underneath it. 
I was intrigued to perceive how shots contrasted with those taken with a progressively costly X-Trans camera, so I pitched it straightforwardly against the X-T2. Little contrasts are clear, with photographs from the more costly camera a small piece more honed and progressively bright, however, there’s next to no in it. 

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