A-List actors to be summoned by NCB.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death opened up a whole new side of Bollywood to the world. Although many of us knew about it even before, it has now found the spotlight in the media.

On interrogation with Rhea Chakraborty, NCB found out that Sushant was taking narcotics and several other A-list Bollywood actors are involved in this racket. Further, through Jaya Shah, Sushant’s former manager the information was confirmed. However, she has also been taken into custody majorly due to inadequate answers in the interrogation.

Recently, Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan have been summoned by NCB in regard to the narcotics probe. Deepika’s interrogation is set to happen tomorrow however, she might go on Saturday. She flew to Mumbai on a charter plane from Goa today after being summoned by NCB. Padukone was in a film shooting there.

Further, Sara Ali Khan has also been summoned by the NCB for interrogation on Saturday. She was seen at the Mumbai airport with her mother and her brother. They were on a family vacation in Goa. Sara, as well as Deepika, were in Goa just before they were summoned, sounds a little fishy to me, don’t you think.

Moreover, Shraddha Kappor and Rakul Preet Singh have also been summoned by the NCB in the narcotics probe investigation. They will be interrogated on Saturday. As of now, these are the names that have come up. I guess the next name to come up could be of Ranveer Singh. We are not confirming that yet but it is a possibility, given his closeness with Deepika.

As of now, those are the four celebrities summoned by the NCB, we will let you know if any more names come up.

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